August 17, 2022 Swemet

Swemet begins cooperation with GWF MessSysteme AG in a new area for the company for flow meters for cold and hot water. Through the collaboration, Swemet becomes a total supplier for all types of flow meters.

"Swemet begins cooperation with GWF MessSysteme AG, a long-established Swiss company. GWF has a product program that covers all types of flow meters for cold and hot water."

Jan Axelsson

The collaboration means that Swemet can offer GWF’s product range to customers in Sweden and abroad. Through the partnership, Swemet can supply all types of flow meters and can thus provide the market with a complete program for under-metering projects, housing associations, and similar actors. Swemet’s broad expertise in measuring technology, remote reading, and fault rectification creates the conditions for the company to become a total supplier for customers.

The company is optimistic about the collaboration with GWF and its future possibilities. However, it is currently too early to try to estimate the prospective market size and earnings potential for Swemet against the background of the collaboration.

Today there are approximately 1 million condominiums and about 1.4 million rental properties. Housing rights are collected under more than 25,000 housing associations. There are strong economic reasons for buying electricity together and saving money on the fixed fees to the energy companies. New EU directives for energy management mean that cold and hot water must also be measured in the long term in all apartments.

About Swemet

Swemet offers qualified products and services to electricity network companies in Sweden and Europe, focusing on smart electricity meters and electricity quality. The company’s products are based on hardware and software that are integrated with external components into well-packaged overall solutions.

About GWF MessSysteme AG

GWF MessSysteme AG is the leading company for flow measurement and consumption data collection of gas, water, electricity, and heat. GWF is a Swiss family-owned company with over 240 employees and a success story spanning over 120 years and is an innovative partner for measurement systems and meter data management. GWF offers market system solutions for collecting, communicating, and managing measurement data.


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