Swemet receives additional order from Växjö Energi Elnät AB – Value SEK 10.3m

December 15, 2022 Swemet

Swemet receives additional order from Växjö Energi Elnät AB – Value SEK 10.3m

Växjö Energi Elnät AB chooses to place an order that extends into 2023. SEK 3.5M of the order value is expected to be delivered in 2022. Together with already placed orders for 2022 of approx. SEK 3.5M, deliveries are ensured during the time period.

"Jan Axelsson, CEO of Swemet; “Increased delivery times for components means that our customers are encouraged to be out in good time with follow-up orders. Växjö Energi Elnät AB is one of our most valuable Clients, and we are looking forward for continues business'”"

Jan Axelsson

About Swemet

Swemet offers qualified products and services to electricity network companies in Sweden and Europe, focusing on smart electricity meters and electricity quality. The company’s products are based on hardware and software that are integrated with external components into well-packaged overall solutions.

About Växjö Energi Elnät AB

At Växjö Energi, we dedicate our everyday life to creating and delivering heating, electricity, and broadband. When the light is on, when you take a hot shower or surf the fiber network, then it is our everyday life that makes yours easier.

Our biggest driving force is to make your everyday life easier in a smart and resource-efficient way. An example of this is that we produce heat by making use of residual products from the forest and that we simultaneously produce renewable electricity. Our long-term investment in biofuel has strongly contributed to greatly reduced carbon dioxide emissions in the municipality.


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